3 Little DIYs That Make a Big Difference

Rennovated Lamp


So, I inherited this lamp from my aunt, and to say the least, it needed a little work. The shade was outdated and covered in water stains, and the cream base had yellowed from years of smoking. Instead of throwing out $40 for a new lamp, I decided on a little DIY.


1. Before you spray paint, be sure to clean the base with a wet rag and wait for it to completely dry, or else the paint won’t stick.

2. I taped a Wal-Mart bag tightly round the areas I wanted to avoid painting.

3. Apply 3 or 4 coat, letting the lamp dry completely between each.

4. Finally, grab a cheap, $10 lampshade from Target or Wal-Mart to complete the look.


1. It’s better to do a thousand thin coats than two thick coats with dried drips.

2. Tape the electric cord to the underside of the base during painting.

3. If you’re looking to add some color, you can dye the lampshade in your shower.

Fabric Shelf-Lining

Total cost: $4

Fact: Wallpaper is expensive. Fact: Fabric is not. With just a couple of yards of fabric, you can line the back of any bookshelf, kitchen or bathroom shelving. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make!


1. Measure each and every nook and cranny of the shelf. It’s tedious, but don’t cut corners!

2. Iron the fabric before cutting.

3. After tracing the lines on the wrong side of the fabric, using a pen or other non-bleeding utensil, cut out the squares.

4. If it’s being applied to a wall, using nails to hold the edges in place, pulling the fabric tight the entire time. If it’s being applied to wood of any kind, you can also use a staple gun or double-sided MM tape.


1. You may need a friend for this one to help you keep the fabric pulled tight.

2. When cutting the fabric, be sure to cut on a perfectly flat surface like a table or the floor. Sounds silly, but it makes a big difference in cutting striaght lines.

3. Use double-sided tape in between the nails or staples to keep the edges straight.

Framed Cards


I’m a big collector of cards, so I had originally wanted to frame some of my favorite Quotable cards over my bed. After accidentally shattering the frame’s glass in the process, I realized I actually really liked the front open so the cards can stand out in a very catchy, 3D way. You probably don’t need instructions for this, but I’m going to type them out anyways.


1. Pick out several of your favorite cards and decide how you want them arranged.

2. Visit the nice people at Hobby Lobby and let them make you a custom mat. Seriously, I know you’re going to be tempted to DIY this too, but it’s very tricky to make perfect, visually-pleasing squares in heavy matting.

3. Arrange cards the way you like, making sure the front page is pulled through the mat opening.

4. Hang! See, wasn’t that easy?


1. Seriously. Don’t try to make the mat yourself.

2. Try to find cards of the same size. For instance, all Quotable cards are 5″x5″.

3. If you use your overhead fan a lot, you may want to consider using the glass as they will flap wildly in the breeze.

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2 thoughts on “3 Little DIYs That Make a Big Difference

  1. LOVE the fabric shelf-lining idea! And those shelves look strangely familiar. 😉 I need to do something to pull my bathroom together.
    I have some inherited lamps, too, but I haven’t decided whether to try to re-do them or to just quit being cheap and buy new shades already.

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