Disney YouTube Sensations

If it’s not my birthday, then the only thing decorating my Facebook wall is an array of Backstreet Boys and Disney links my friends have so thoughtfully shared. This past week, a friend passed along an incredible find I simply must share. The video is of a woman singing her own seven minute a capella Disney show, complete with DIY costumes and make-up that must’ve taken days. I fell so deeply in love with this Heather Traska woman and her performance that were I a lesbian, I would have no choice but to marry her. It was that good. Click the picture to see for yourself (note: all the pictures in this blog link to the videos.)


This reminded me of a video that was popular some time ago of a Disney employee named Nick Pitera, who sang an a capella version of A Whole New World for a Disney employee contest. So what, a guy can sing, you’re thinking. Well, can just any man sing the Jasmine part better than a woman? Didn’t think so. Go ahead: sit back and feel yourself become sexually confused by his glorious voice.


After 30 million hits and an appearance on the Ellen show, Pitera went on to do the first original one man Disney show (much like Heather Traska’s). With a dash of humor and some all-but-true stereotyping, this video hails as one of the best Youtube gems of 2011.


Incredible, no? Of course while watching this video YouTube was sucking me into its time-wasting vortex with the “Recommended” sidebar of Laura-customized content. I’m weak, so I clicked on to discover yet another hidden Disney talent in the form of brizzyvoices. Her princess impressions are so convincing, if you close your eyes you’ll swear Ariel is standing right next to you (you know, if she had legs that is.)


The moral of the story, kids, is that YouTube is loaded with tons of Disney talent just waiting to be discovered, and we are the explorers. If you should stumble upon a good Disney-themed video, by all means, link it in a comment. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, dig up some good material, and share!

2 thoughts on “Disney YouTube Sensations

  1. I totally watched the Nick Pitera one before I saw the you-look-alike one, and I thought it was the most impressive thing ever. Then I watched the Heather one, and was simply mind-boggled. I am now going to watch this other one you’ve suggested, blast you.

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