A Final’s Poem


Months of ill seduction,

Courting Mistress Apathy,

Prepare now for destruction,

A brutal mistress she can be.

Facebook, tweets, and Pinterest,

Though tempt you as they may,

Think seldom of intentions best,

And hound you night and day.

Hollow eyes and groggy moans,

Bid you come and sleep,

But Charles Dickens and chromosomes,

Their burdens, how they heap!

Those sweet rivers of coffee,

Flowing ceaseless in the night,

An Aderol, for you and me,

Now summon the valor to fight!

The horizon; Yes, I see it!

Take heart – the end draws near,

Her promises the dawn have lit,

With tides of Christmas cheer.


Written by Yours Truly, wishing you all the best of luck.

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