Get Her to the Greek

Key Terms for This Post:

1. Greek: a student in a sorority or fraternity.

2. GDI: a student not in a sorority or fraternity.

Got it memorized? Perfect. Before this week, everything I knew about Greek life came directly from the world of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. On Monday night, however, I sold my Greek-row virginity for the price of a quiet study hall: I, self-proclaimed GDI of 2012, stayed at the Tri Delt house. These are my (hopefully inoffensive) impressions.

(cue Barbie Girl by Aqua)


-The House-

Being a GDI inside OU’s largest sorority is like being Skechers in a room of Jimmy Choos. Armed with a Tri Delt resident and a fellow GDI, I boldly crept into the “informal” living room. Everywhere I looked images of sugar-coated elegance danced in my head: chandeliers, grand staircases, and unscathed wooden floors. Naturally, to the dismay of a few residents, I felt compelled to document the sight for those Greek-row virgins still standing.


 Gorgeous, right? I can describe it is as nothing short of a Southern Buckingham. Of course, my relative interpretation could very well be biased due to my common frequency at hole-ridden, dirt-trodden rental homes of fellow college-budgeteers. The house calls to mind the color green, for some reason, and after too long, the intoxicating scent of high-class threatens to convert even the most noble hold-out to an addict.

And the rooms? Bathrooms? Mind-blowingly similar to Legally Blonde, actually. I couldn’t find any photos of the bathrooms in the movie, but trust me, they’re shockingly alike. After sneaking pictures of the bathroom for this blog for proof, quite a few residents probably think I’m a lesbian. Not the cultured kind, but like the skeezy creep-on-you-in-a-towel kind. Ergo, I can never go back.


 -Snack Fairies-

If Disney World is the most magical place on Earth, then surely Tri Delt is a distant cousin. Periodically, and oh-so secretly, snack fairies magically laid plates of brownies and fruit on the dining table. Inside the kitchen, the lemonade and iced tea rivers never ran dry. I’m still surprised parachutes of licorice didn’t fall gracefully over the banister. Remember a few years back when Nabisco had a commercial featuring the snack fairy? Well, I’m convinced that man exists and is currently employed by various sororities and fraternities. Who are these people, these snack fairies? I cannot say; it’s all part of the magic, I suppose.


-Leaving the Pack-

After a restless hour of studying and an over-sized chai tea, I found myself wandering blindly away from my friends towards the bathroom and into an unmanned jungle: the jungle of wild sorority sisters in their natural habitats. My father always told me that wild animals can smell fear, so I threw my head up high and marched straight through a pack of sisters. They knew. They could smell the nonconformist on my skin a mile away. It went something like this:


Right, intimidating. If my panicky demeanor didn’t compromise my GDI status, my clothes surely did. Despite the stereotypes about the clone-like wardrobe of sorority girls, I found this completely untrue. I witnessed a great deal of variety. Each sorority sister I saw was wearing a different Tri Delt t-shirt over her black leggings and Ugg boots. See? Diversity. Okay okay, all jokes aside, I did spot a few originals running about, but overall the stereotype stood firm. If the Ugg fits, right?


-The Greeks-

While several aspects of the tri delt experience met many of my preconceived stereotypes, a major one didn’t. Although it’s rude to admit aloud, many non-Greeks consider the Greeks a stuck-up group of elitists. There, I said it. However, I found quite the contrary to be true. A plethora of girls introduced themselves, sat with us for a bit, and chatted heartily about the presentation I was working on. Baffled and caught off guard, I found myself pleasantly chatting away with the Greekiest of the Greeks.


So, here’s the moral kids. Although the house is as extravagant as I pictured, the *majority of* girls all dress alike, and life at Tri Delt seems a bit palatial, deep down the Delts, and probably all sorority girls, are good people. Not just good, really wonderful, actually. Sure, there’s always a few haters (haters gonna’ hate), but overall, I found myself surprisingly welcome in the home of OU’s Elle Woods.

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